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Reminiscence frosted in brilliance.

In the soft glow of footlights, and as the evening’s applause fades, a captivating cabaret star reflects on her fascinating rise to stardom. The curtains of her life sweep open, revealing the multifaceted tale of a young girl’s journey; from humble beginnings in the chorus-line - through temptations and choices, good luck and hard work - into the dazzling limelight.

From the creative team behind 2019’s Squeezebox Cabaret comes an entirely new show - shimmering with vitality, effervescence and allure. A swirling pageantry of colour, of life, of love and dreams, Diamonds is a glittering and scintillating saga that treads a fine line between cabaret and musical theatre.

Deeply ensconced in the sound and style of the jazz age, and filled with tunes you’ll recognise, this sparkling cabaret continues the Aviators’ unique alliance of dancers, singers and musicians dedicated to creating an experience unlike anything you'll encounter anywhere else.


The Moonlight Aviators Flight Crew


Nicole Farrow, Rebecca Oliver-Black

and the

Moonlight Aviators' House Band

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