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An Evening In Moonlight

at Festival of Voices

Come fly away with Moonlight Aviators for a tantalizing glimpse at the romance of yesteryear where, under the glistening shimmer of moonlight, that which once was ordinary is magically transformed and a flight at night becomes a dance with moonbeams. 


Collaborating, yet again, with a selection of Tasmania’s most talented performers and musicians, Moonlight Aviators has created a beautifully vintage cabaret night to rival the offerings of the Cotton Club and the Savoy. 


Board this flight to enjoy the captivating Rebecca Oliver-Black, the suave Nic Courto and our original siren of song, Blythe Tait, with a beautiful selection of tunes from both yesterday and today. In addition, an Aviator cabaret could not be complete without the dancing delights of the Aviators Flight Crew and the infectious musical stylings of the Moonlight Aviators House Band.

Shimmering with glamour and sparkling with romance, An Evening in Moonlight

is a sumptuous evening of elegant entertainment.

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