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Wedding Dances and Bridal Waltzes

Do you have a wedding coming up and are worried about the bridal waltz? Stress no more, Moonlight Aviators is now available to guide you through the challenges of your first dance together. And may it be the first of many!

In the capable our hands, you will receive the dedicated coaching required for your individual roles in the dance performance of your life. But it doesn’t end there! With the skills you’ll achieve learning your bridal waltz, you’ll also be equipped to take to the floor time after time.

Wedding Dances


Even if you have two left feet, we are determined to make you look like a professional. And, never fear, we have tried and true methods for making it easy!

Photo credit: Peter Robey

Bridal Party


Reduce your own performance anxiety by making your besties help you out on the day – and have a bunch of fun learning to dance together.

Photo credit: Peter Robey



Even though Father-Daughter (and Mother-Son) dances aren’t quite as much of a tradition here as elsewhere, if it’s what you want we can definitely help you make this really special!

Photo credit: Peter Robey




Have you thought about adding a casual dance class for your bridal guests while you’re busy being photographed? It’s so easy to sneakily get your guests talking to each other while also giving them the skills to keep the dance floor full and safe all night long!



Although our aim is to provide skills that can be used on any dance floor throughout your future together, we are also happy to work with you to create a piece that expresses your individuality and creativity.

Come & Meet Us First


We also provide a complimentary consultation and definitely recommend this casual catch up with your training couple to discuss your options and to make sure you’re happy with the package prior to committing.

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