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Graeme has been dancing swing since late 2004 when he gate-crashed a ball because the music was cool. He loves all styles of swing but Blues is where his inner-Patrick Swayze really steps forward, and with a background in circus acrobatics he is always keen to play with air steps.


As co-founder and current Creative Director of Moonlight Aviators, Graeme brings to the ensemble his skills with choreography and also design, often working late into the night to create another signature set. He is always secretly pleased when asked to play the lower-status character (read ‘clown’) in any new dance creation. His favourite ensemble moments are when the individual creative ideas meet the skills and personalities of the dancers to bring to life a routine that wows audiences with its synergy.


Photo credit: Loic Le Guilly  / Photographer




2019 SBCatS LLGP 0-Director 003.jpg
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