Looking for a little entertainment to spice up your event? Moonlight Aviators has several options including our full squadron and a girls' chorusline.  With a wealth of vintage styles and creative options we are happy to work with you to create the look and feel that works for you.




The perfect accoutrement for any vintage-themed occasion,  Moonlight Aviators will bring a glaze of glamour - or a touch of Tivoli - to your event.

Whether you're after a 1920's 'Gatsby' feel or a WWII Big Band Swing


Providing entertainment in smooth-flowing, ten-minute brackets of three to four routines, the Aviators are the perfect accoutrement for any vintage-themed occasion, with 1920s, '30s and '40s being areas of expertise. 


Photo credit: Moonlight Aviators

Night Witches


Although our Aviatrixes are a regular feature in any of our performances, in 2016 the ladies officially launched their own wing of the squadron - the Night Witches.


Named in honour of the little-known women fighter pilots of the First and Second World Wars, Moonlight Aviators’ Night Witches will happily swoop in and add a little pizazz to your celebrations.


Photo credit: Peter Robey




Early in 2016, Moonlight Aviators launched Moonlight Aviators presents Opening Night, a full-length, vintage-style cabaret show.


An extravaganza of music, dance and song, Opening Night featured the Aviators and a selection of guest artists, hand-picked for their specific entertainment skills.


With this event in their repertoire, Moonlight Aviators now offers a full evening of entertainment.​

Photo credit: Inspired by Love Photography