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Set Hire

The iconic Moonlight Aviators set pieces, designed and made for specific events by GrayDesigns, are available for hire - the stunning Dressing Screen and the portable dressing-room-in-a-road-case, as well as a selection of lighting options.

Dressing Screen


The Aviators' signature dressing screen is based on a classic french design - but with a few additional features. Each of the panels is a full-sized, gauze door with the facility to be lit both from the front and from behind.


The screen has also been designed to adjust to different sized spaces with the ability to be assembled with fewer than the five panels shown above.


Appearance credits include: 

Tasmanian Cabaret Festival 2014

Voicebox Cabaret Showcase​ 2015

Moonlight Aviators presents Opening Night 2016

Photo credit: Viridian Photos

Dressing Room


The incredible dressing-room-in-a-road-case was one of the very first of the Aviators' set pieces. Unpacking from and assembling upon a specifically designed road-case, this dressing-room comprises three mirrors with LED strip light surrounds, a secure bench and under-shelf storage.


Constructed in separate panels, the size of the dressing-room is also adjustable.


Appearance credits include:

Clarence Jazz Festivals 2013-2016

True Island Spirit 2013

'Rent' Rosny College Musical 2013


Photo credit: Elysia Chase


DJF KellySlater MALights.png



Who doesn't love a venue lit by the glow of innumerable fairies? 


In the process of designing atmospheric lighting for a variety of events, Moonlight Aviators has assembled an interesting collection of fairy lights, rope lights, pendant lights, and a variety of lamps.


Appearance credits include:

Devonport Jazz Festival 2019

Pure Bride Expo and Pure Bride Boutique Fair

'Speakeasy' 21st birthday party

Moonlight Aviators presents Opening Night

Clarence Jazz Festival 2015

'Bond' Swing Ball performance


Photo credit: Gray Designs

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