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Having been born into a family of dancers, it is no wonder Amanda has taken performing in her stride. Starting with Scottish Country dancing at a young age, she also took up Irish dancing (to stretch those long legs) and later added gorgeous vintage styles to her dance card. As an Irish dancer, Amanda has choreographed and executed solo and group performances and competed in Irish Dancing National Championships. 

With her stage presence and naturally sultry demeanour, Amanda makes the vintage styling seem as beautiful and natural as if she had just sashayed straight from the jazz era.


Interestingly, it seems she was destined to be an Aviatrix - Amanda has always loved dressing up and has strong memories of playing with her grandmother’s pearls and feather fans. So it’s really no wonder then, that she exudes the Moonlight Aviators’ signature flair and drama.

Photo credit: Alastair Bett

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