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Eager to twirl from an early age, Bibiana began her dance journey with classical ballet at the ripe old age of seven. Loving every minute of it, she progressed through childhood and well into her teens happily wearing pink tights and pointe shoes.


Then, in her early twenties, destined to be more Marilyn Monroe than Leslie Caron, she exchanged the barre for a partner and embraced that mid-century pas-de-deur known as swing dancing. Inspired and in love, Bibiana soaked up all she could and soon turned her skills to choreography and performance which, after teaming up with Graeme in 2011, led to the creation of Moonlight Aviators and the development of a signature vintage styling.

Alongside the transition from classical to jazz, other elements of Bibiana’s heritage began to show through. With tailoring on one side of her family, theatre and costuming on the other it’s not really surprising that she developed a life-long fascination with costume and a need to create things with fabric.

After a roundabout journey through several stages of study, an internship at a vintage-inspired British fashion label, and the soft lingerie catwalk collection Bloomers, Blue, Bibiana is now creating the vintage looks that are uniquely Moonlight Aviators.

Photo credit: Loic Le Guilly / Photographer




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