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Bryce considers himself an unlikely addition to the Moonlight Aviators Flight Crew; a trained scientist with a PhD in Chemistry and an aversion to the spotlight while growing up, it was an unlikely journey that led him there.

Bryce got involved in swing dancing in 2003, which grew into a serious hobby resulting in him regularly teaching classes and dancing around Hobart at various events and performances. Currently, by day he supports medical researchers in his job at the University of Tasmania, but by night he is more likely to be found rehearsing a new dance sequence for an upcoming performance. Having prepared and taught classes in a variety of different swing dance styles, Bryce further developed his understanding of music, the story each song tells, and how it can be told/enjoyed through dance.

Initially, with gentle encouragement from friends, Bryce has competed and made it through to the finals in dance competitions and has performed on numerous occasions around Tasmania including the launch of MONA. As part of Moonlight Aviators, he takes pride in being able to throw AND fly many of the aerials used in their performances.


Photo credit: Inspired by Love Photography




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