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Michael has been interested in dance since before he can remember. As a youth, his feet would tap along to any old tune, but after leaving home he discovered dance classes at Melbourne University. There he devoured all sorts of dance instruction - including Ballroom, Salsa and Latin - but soon found his true passion was for swing and jazz era dances.


Since 2008 he has been involved in multiple swing or vintage dance troupes, first in Melbourne, and then in Hobart when moved here in 2012. Of all vintage dances, Michael especially enjoys dancing the Charleston. He has competed in swing dance competitions around Australia and is particularly proud of coming first in the Solo Charleston division of the Australian Jitterbug Championships in 2016.

Through all the ups and downs in life dancing never fails to put a smile on Michael's face. When his head isn't up in the clouds forecasting the weather he is flying high with the Aviators. The only thing he enjoys more than dancing, is dancing faster!


Photo credit: Loic Le Guilly - Photographer




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