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Ground Crew

These are the people behind the scenes, outside of the limelight, who have gone above and beyond to support us in one way or another over the years. Whether through dedicated social media shares, providing a space when we needed one, encouraging us to keep reaching for the stars, being the first cabs off the rank when tickets are released, providing performance opportunities, or simply being there to lend a hand whenever needed, we wouldn't be where we are without you!

DJF KellySlater MALights.png

Teresa Sherman  |  Vance Green  |  Samantha Reason  |  Di Richards 

Annie Harvey  |  Peter Robey  |  Blythe Tait  |  Jane Johnson  |  Suze Quinn

Matthew Ives  |  Donald Ives

Industrie Performing Arts  |  Tasmanian Talent Agency  |  GK Productions  |Devonport Jazz Festival Festival of Voices 

 Strut & Fret  | Loic Le Guilly  | Alastair Bett  |

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