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The Moonshine Cabaret Musicians

Keeping himself busy this year with a succession of high-profile projects - from Croon to Chicago - Matthew Ives now adds Moonshine Cabaret to his repertoire.


Having worked with the Aviators many times before, and most significantly as part of Moonlight Aviators presents Opening Night, Matthew was calmly jubilant to be offered the role of Musical Director for this new project.


Involving more band accompaniment and interaction than Opening Night, Matthew has embraced the challenges thrown at him by the often-quirky creative team and is delivering the goods, in a secretive collection of instrument cases!

Matthew Ives

Musical Director, Orchestra Leader, Arranger of Amazing Tunes

Matthew Ives and his Little Big Band

Matthew Ives and his Little Big Band is a collective of local instrumentalists headed by renowned local Big Band leader, Matthew Ives.


Assembled expecially for Moonshine Cabaret and selected specifically for their superb jazz styling, the Little Big Band consists of some of the finest musicians around town (and beyond) and features Tasmania’s own Benny Goodman out the front – Derek Grice on clarinet.

This six-piece swingin’ ensemble will have you foot-tappin’, finger-pattin’ and chair-shimmyin’ to their impeccable renditions of the marvellous selection of vintage tunes put together for Moonshine Cabaret.

Matthew Ives - Drums and Orchestra Leader

Brian Parkinson - Double Bass

Tomas Webster - Piano & Piano Accordion

Derek Grice - Clarinet & Flute 

Peter Edwards - Trumpet

Adam Davenport-Hortle - Trombone

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