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'Moonlight Aviators presents Opening Night'

A delightfully vintage, jazz-era cabaret!

In March 2016, after several years performing together, Moonlight Aviators’ Flight Crew assembled a delightful variety of vintage dance styles into a one-night performance extravaganza. Moonlight Aviators presents Opening Night, a full-length, vintage-style cabaret show debuted at the Wrest Point Casino Showroom – to rapturous applause.


Accustomed to executing the dance styles of the jazz era with their own unique styling, ‘Opening Night’ provided the perfect backdrop for a display of Moonlight Aviators’ versatility – and also provided an opportunity to share the limelight with an inimitable selection of local artists and performers.


As a two-act cabaret spectacular with distinctly different halves, audiences were delightfully diverted by the antics of a swathe of silver screen hopefuls, and then equally entranced by the theatricality, sauciness and acrobatics of the ‘Opening Night’ squadron.

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