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This summer Maurici's Cocktail Party hits the Taste, with a cocktail-shaking, electo-swinging set that will have your toes tapping and your shoulders pulsing in no time!


Legendary mix-master of the classic cocktail, Monsieur Maurici, will be rolling, flairing and flaming to create his own signature versions of the concoctions you know and love.

All the while, DJ Rosalita Despacita will be spinning tunes and bootlegging live, reinvigorating the tunes of yesteryear and ready to catch you with a hook that won't

let you go!

As you follow the call of the rhythm, Gratien and Bebe (nobody puts Bebe in a corner!) will be on the dancefloor, offering styling options and helping to crush the ice.


Don't pass on this opportunity to shake your tail feather!

In fact, be one one the most enthusiastic movers and you could be the envy of all around you, sipping on one of the exotic elixirs created by the marvellous Maurici.


The Atrium by Joseph Chromy Stage




Sunday, 29 December & Thursday, 2 January

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