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Choreography and Aerials

Dance styles and aerials of the jazz era are our specialities, so if you're looking for  1920's Charleston, Big Band Swing or just something vaguely vintage ... you've come to the right place!




The Aviators are known for their iconically vintage performances and for the creativity of their presentations.


A single dancer partnering a pendant light or a quartet of swimming-cap-coifed mermaids might not be the first thing you would expect, but these forays away from classic swing dancing are what encapsulates the Aviators' signature styling.


Photo credit: Peter Robey




Always keen for a little air time, the Aviators love their aerials! Whether as a highlight or a frenetic cacophony of movement, the Crew enjoys playing with and creating interactive airtime that enhances the specific routine.




Photo credit: Peter Robey



With an emphasis on vintage social dancing, and backgrounds in a variety of dance forms, the Aviators encourage participation in dance by all members of the community. 

When choreographing for groups, the Aviators' are focused on challenging all members of an ensemble equally, and refraining from skill level segregation.


Photo credit: Gareth Kays


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