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'Opening Night' Guest Artists

Virtually unknown to Tasmanian audiences, Blythe is the wildcard guest artist on the ‘Opening Night’ schedule ... and you won’t be disappointed! An accomplished entertainer, Blythe has been performing as a soloist since her early twenties.


Unable to resist opportunity’s call, she has travelled Australia, singing everything from classical to rock, and with the backing of 12-piece bands through to self-accompaniment on the harp. Never one to limit her skills and accomplishments, Blythe is also a solo performer, a National Champion pole dancer and a qualified coach for Men’s gymnastics!


With such extensive exposure, Blythe readily developed a particular fondness for performing in themed events – inspired by such opportunities as being a mermaid in a shell; an angel on a highwire; and by the unusual experience of working with a live, two metre python.


Naturally, Blythe feels right at home with the Aviators and is delighted to be making her cabaret debut with the Opening Night squadron.

Blythe Tait

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