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Night Witches take to the sky!

Known for their style and glamour, for their expressive faces ... and for outnumbering the men two-and-a-half to one, Moonlight Aviators’ Aviatrixes have finally stepped up to form their own, ‘ladies-only’ wing of Hobart’s premier vintage dance squadron.

Named for the incredible women fighter pilots of the Second World War, Moonlight Aviators’ Night Witches launched with aplomb at the recent Flappers and Dappers for OXJAM fundraiser at the Republic Bar in North Hobart.

Although the Aviatrixes have been performing all-girl routines for several years, this new flight path opens up a wealth of possibilities for the diversification of future performances. Keep an eye on this space as the Night Witches let out the throttle and prepare to defy the ground!

If you missed the debut of these lovely ladies, you’re in luck as they’ll be landing again this weekend at the closing event for Salamanca Moves, Salamanca Moves at 30,000 Feet - Saturday 1 October at 6:30pm in the Salamanca Courtyard.

Strap yourselves in and get ready for take-off!

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