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Introducing Our Guest Artists - Nic Courto

We thought it would be intriguing to find out a little bit more about our guest performers than you might find in a standard artist biography. And here is our first instalment. We take great delight in introducing to you, the supremely talented, Nic Courto.

When did you discover your voice?

Very young. I put my hand up in a choir rehearsal one day because other people were doing it. The question had been "do you want to sing a solo in the eisteddfod?" I didn't even know what that meant, but once I'd done it, I was a singer for life.

What runs through your mind just before you go on stage?

Not much, to be honest. If I'm thinking before I go on stage it's probably not a good sign.

What is your favourite style of music to sing?

I don't really have a preferred style. Music is music. The message is really important to me though. I like lyrics that are genuine, often a bit dark or quirky. Something with a voice that I relate to, or that I don't hear much elsewhere.

What singular moment stands out within your performing career?

Singing beneath the Menin Gate in Belgium on ANZAC day with a group from the armed forces.

What is the dream performance gig that if it fell into your lap would make your squeal in delight and then shake with nerves?

I'd love to play Hades in 'Hadestown.' I'd drop everything to be in that show.

Would you prefer to front a Quartet or Big Band?

These days, a quartet. There's something nice about a group small enough that you can all communicate on a really personal level.

What gives you joy (other than being on stage)?

I like to write music, and prose as well. I'd love to publish a novel one day. I love to read and have always been into books. Is that a boring answer? I like to cook as well. In fact, anything I can do without leaving my house is great.

Come and see Nic's Aviatorial debut as a guest artist for An Evening in Moonlight at Festival of Voices.

One show only: Wed 7 July | 8:30pm  |  C3 Auditorium  |  PG  |  $49



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