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Introducing Our Guest Artists - Graeme Quinn

Our next guest is most definitely not new to Moonlight Aviators. But the big, quiet man, known for his strength, his smooth dancing, his ability to create sets and staging, design lighting and coordinate our amazing band, has a new challenge. For Festival of Voices, Graeme will be stepping out on the stage in a fabulous blazer and with a microphone. So ... we take great delight introducing you to our MC for An Evening in Moonlight at Festival of Voices.

When did you discover your voice?

When my sister used to ask me to sing duets from musicals with her whenever she took a break from her piano studies.

What runs through your mind just before you go on stage?

It will be what it will be so I hope everyone [my team] will relax and enjoy themselves. And oh boy, I hope that the lighting tech remembers all their cues…

What is your favourite style of music to sing?

As I am primarily a dancer let me answer in that vein, I love dancing the blues. It is so easy to lose myself, forget everything around me as I work with my partner to find our “voice” as we become an expression of the music as it enwraps us.

What singular moment stands out amongst your performing career? The moment when we received an email asking if we had another show to take into the Spiegeltent. We were blown away getting one opportunity, but to then be invited back was amazing. We then proceeded to write that show in one night so that we could reply with “Yes, we do!”

What is the dream performance gig that if it fell into your lap would make your squeal in delight and then shake with nerves?

The opportunity to stage and direct the musical Jekyll and Hyde.

Would you prefer to front a Quartet or Big Band?

I love dancing in front of a Big Band.

What gives you joy (other than being on stage)?

Solving problems. Or capturing a singular moment on my camera.

As you can imagine, Graeme is taking his MC role very seriously but we do have a treat for you as he will also be belting out a song or two!

One show only: Wed 7 July | 8:30pm  |  C3 Auditorium  |  PG  |  $49

Tickets: SOLD OUT - contact Festival of Voices to be added to the waitlist


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