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Squadron Numbers Swell

Gosh, it’s been quite a while since we shared what’s happening on the Aviator airfield. How has that happened?

Well, way back in April we held our first official auditions and, since then, between other gigs, we’ve been busy training our new recruits. Not to mention throwing them right in the deep end with our first travelling adventure - Squeezebox Cabaret at Devonport Jazz Festival. Followed by one of our classic Aviator routines at Tassie Dancers Against Cancer. Without a single one of our founding members involved. For the first time ever!

Admittedly, this is somewhat late, but we’re no less delighted to have these wonderful women - now tried and tested Aviators - joining the squadron. And you’ll be intrigued to know the typically Tasmanian connections that already existed…

A trained dancer, singer and musical theatre performer, Rebecca Oliver-Black banked into Aviator formations with ease and excited energy. Although her regular hints at a tap number have not yet been embraced, Rebecca's varied performance skills are being put to good use. In true Tassie fashion, her connections to the Aviators go way back - she used to dance with Helen at Encore, performed in three Old Nick Summer School productions with Veronicka and in one of these was costumed by Bibiana.

College dance teacher, Drill choreographer and independent creative performer, Angela Barnard is leaping outside her comfort zone and embracing the challenges of an Aviator with style - even though this means trading her baggy sweater and sneakers for sequins and heels. And if this is something you'd like to see, watch this space! So, for Angela, it turns out that she studied at SPACE Dance with Bibiana and is also another former Encore dancer.

Already well-known as a professional performer, Robin Godfrey brings an extensive background in dance and circus to the Aviator hangar. Robin’s connection to the Aviators is a long one, having trained with Graeme many years ago, shared a dressing room with the Aviators on many occasions and she was also one of the performers at the Moonshine Club Circus Cabaret at The Sepulchre hosted by Moonlight Aviators back in 2017.

With all this talent on offer, keep an eye out for what’s to come!

Images from Tassie Dancers Against Cancer by Expose Photography

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