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Filming Red Velvet - the music video experience

Earlier this year our Night Witches had the fantastic opportunity to choreograph and perform with Nuria on her music video for Red Velvet.

This is our first opportunity to work with an artist bringing our jazz-era inspired styling to a more contemporary context and captured as part of a music video. Working with Nuria, we took and used the emotion and the story behind her song as inspiration for the movements and shapes within our choreography. We had a lot of fun rehearsing and refining the dance through our process with Nuria so that on the evening of filming we could bring a bit of our pizzazz to the stage ready to be filmed.

Speaking of stages, Red Velvet is the first time our ensemble has had the opportunity to dance on the floorboards in the incredible Theatre Royal. We really enjoyed the way the filming reimagined this space with the viewpoint being shifted to look out from the stage to the empty audience stalls. There is something very powerful about seeing how many of our theatres are situated at these times, and yet a joy in the fact that we can still strive to create beautiful and expressive art.

We are incredibly thankful to Nuria for inviting us to work with her on Red Velvet, working closely with another local artist to realise their vision for a project that is so close to their hearts is hugely rewarding. For us, this song captures much of essence as to why we perform, the feeling as the curtain goes up and we step on to stage to perform for our audience. Nuria beautifully captures the vulnerability of the performer as they step out on to stage, a feeling that we are familiar with and yet becomes part of the joy of the performance.

We encourage you all to check it out!

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