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Back at the Spiegeltent - and with a gem of a show!

It’s official - selected for the mini-program, live on the website, with a Facebook event and selling tickets - we’re back at the Spiegeltent for our third year running!

If you’ve seen one of our shows before, you’ll know that we’re a far cry from the typical cabaret. Not just a singer with a pianist, or even a selection of solo artists coming together to put on a show. No, what we offer is more like going to a nightclub back in the heyday of jazz and cabaret, when there would have been a house band and a team of regular performers providing the evening’s entertainment.

After two similarly styled shows, we’re deviating from our tried and tested structure and leaving the MC at the door. This time we’re letting the tunes tell the tale, swinging from one number to the next with barely a pause for breath.

It’s an age-old tale, a version of which many of us have experienced ourselves. With her name now up in lights, a cabaret star - played by the divine Nicole Farrow - reflects on the journey she has made to achieve her dream; a dream that propelled her choices and directed her decisions from way back in the chorus line. As she reflects, the past come to life and a younger version of herself - portrayed by the equally talented Rebecca Oliver-Black - steps onto the stage. And so the story unfolds … the excitement, the drama, the regret, and the hope.

But this tale is not just about our glamorous cabaret star - it’s also about the atmosphere. This is the jazz era brought back for your delectation, delivered up close and personal in a mirrored tent and served with a delicious modern twist; a fabulous 7-piece band, sumptuous costumes, striking lighting design, and the unique dance styling of the Aviators.

Do it big, do it right and do it with style. -Fred Astaire

One show only!

Sunday, 29 March at 4:30pm.

Book your tickets now at


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