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Introducing Our Guest Artists - Blythe Tait

We are tremendously thrilled to be joined once again by our very first siren of song, and invite you to also find our more about the beautiful and vivacious, Blythe Tait.

When did you discover your voice?

I can’t remember a time I didn’t sing. When I was little, I used to make up songs while I played; it has always just felt a part of me. When I was ten, I had a friend who came from a very musical family, and I discovered the joys of harmonising with her. Harmonising remains one of my all-time favourite things to do!

What runs through your mind just before you go onstage?

There is never a time I don’t feel nervous about performing, but more than nervousness, I feel an overwhelming desire to share with the audience. Everyone in the audience is there to be transported, to be swept away, to be entertained, to be moved, and above all, I want to achieve that. With all my heart, I want to take them there, I want to give them that.

What is your favourite style of music to sing?

Don’t make me choose, I really can’t! I just love so many genres, and I’ve been lucky enough to perform many different ones- jazz, blues, rock, pop, celtic, opera, musical theatre, even country! I love the energy of pop and rock, but I love the classiness of jazz, the theatrics and complexity of musical theatre, and the authenticity of folk. I like not being tied to one style.

What singular moment stands out within your performing career?

Interestingly, it’s not a singing moment, but a pole dancing one! Back in 2009, my pole dance partner and I qualified to compete at Miss Pole Dance Australia 2010 in the doubles section. Up until that point, doubles pole dance was performed worldwide with each dancer on a separate pole, dancing in synchronicity. Bec and I had developed a new style where we interacted acrobatically on a single pole, both static pole and spinning pole. It was a style that had never been seen before, and when we performed our routine at the Enmore Theatre for MPDA 2010, we could instantly feel the sensation we were creating as we performed. When we finished our routine, the noise from the audience was enormous, and we knew that we were part of something very, very special- a new movement in the world of pole dance. Doubles pole dance changed forever that night- because of us!

And yes, we won the Australian Championships.

What is your dream performance?

Definitely something incorporating all my different loves/interests. I love performances where I can sing different styles, play the harp, dance, dress in costumes, do acro or other circus-y acts…that’s why I love Moonlight Aviators! I’ve been able to do all these things within the one show with the Moonlight Aviators. I’d love to perform in more outlandish costumes- huge billowing skirts, crystals, crazy enormous elaborate headpieces, and in very complex sets. One day!

Would you prefer to front a quartet or a big band?

Again, don’t make me choose! I want everything! I lovelovelove the drama and the big-ness of performing with a big band, but I love the intimacy of a smaller ensemble. One of my early performances with Matt Ives and his Big Band was the first time I had ever had the privilege of performing big songs like Shirley Bassey's hits as well as quiet ballads with a lone guitarist within the same show, and I just loved it. I love variety, I love contrast, and I feel so lucky to be able to do both!

What gives you joy (other than being onstage)?

Easy peasy - my family. They are my biggest joy, my biggest love, my top reason for being, hands down. I love being around them, I love supporting their interests, and not a day goes by where I don’t feel gratitude for having them.

Other than that, my top hobby is probably reading, but heaps of things give me joy: the smell of jasmine on a spring breeze, seeing yellow leaves falling from the poplars, hearing the clicking of my puppy’s toenails as she comes down the hallway to jump into bed for bedtime kisses…heaps of things.

Whether you're yet to witness the delight that is Blythe Tait on stage, or you're as much a fan as we are, don't miss this opportunity to enjoy her versatility!

One show only: Wed 7 July | 8:30pm  |  C3 Auditorium  |  PG  |  $49



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