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Dreaming of a Bright Christmas

No matter how hard anyone tries, there's no denying that the holiday season is almost upon us - so it's definitely time to start getting in the groove for Christmas!

This year Moonlight Aviators' flight crew is going all out - getting into the spirit in outrageous style at the Clarence Carols and Christmas Concert. In true Aviator tradition, you'll be provided with an excuse to bop on the spot to a quirky performance just waiting to be unwrapped.

In fact, not only will you be toe-tapping and laughing out loud, you'll also be dazzled. Right now, churning through Santa's southern-most secret factory, is a collection of shiny new outfits. After all, what Christmas performance would be complete without a bit of shimmer and sparkle?

Out on the stage and sharing the searchlights will be an amazing line-up of Tasmanian grown celebrities: those funny guys with big voices, Colin Dean and Andrew Colrain; singing sweethearts Nicole Farrow and Scott Farrow; vintage tune masters, Matthew Ives and his Big Band ... not to mention the 80 voice choir! What more could you ask for?

Come join us all to light up the quay! Bellerive Boardwalk, Sunday 11 December, 7-9pm.

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