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'Opening Night' Anniversary

Can you believe it's been a whole year?

Just one year ago, with mere months of preparation, Moonlight Aviators launched what was, and still is, our most challenging and rewarding endeavour - our first full length show, Moonlight Aviators presents Opening Night.

Having traditionally performed ten-minute sets at events and functions, Opening Night was a massive undertaking with the management of a venue, coordination of performers and design of all the technical elements ... not to mention the presentation of two hours of entertainment. Most excitingly, though, performing in a theatre provided the perfect setting for the selection of routines waiting patiently in the wings for just such an opportunity: Light Dance - featuring a single dancer, retractable light and surrounding darkness; Mermaids - synchronised swimming at it's glamorously land-locked best; and Mein Herr - originally choreographed for the Hobart College production of Cabaret in 2013 and, ever since, one of our Night Witches' absolute favourite routines – singing notwithstanding!

None of this could have been achieved, however, without the most amazing team behind us.

Without a doubt, there is no way we would have crossed the line without the unwavering dedication, the incredible trust and the fabulous energy of our Aviators, past and present. We have the most amazing crew of performers who pushed themselves as much as we pushed them, tackled and nailed new challenges, and soared to new heights through the process. These guys let us challenge them in ways not previously considered - we made them perform choreography to live music, get our audiences involved, change costumes in the shortest possible timeframes, dive backwards off a stage and ... sing!!! Even more legendary than that is they'd do it all again!

We were so lucky to also be supported by a group of wonderfully generous, local performing artists who each brought their own individual skills to the show and trusted we'd pull this show together: the talented Matthew Ives and his fabulous Little Big Band; the freakily flexible PopEyed & Son, the deliciously delovely Allison Farrow & Andrew Short, and the beautifully alluring Blythe Tait.

Our technical team was also wonderfully supportive; Kim Maish whose gorgeous artwork was splashed across social media and is permanently captured in our online programme; our phenomenal families and friends who looked after us whenever we needed it, helped with bump in and bump out, sewing and bedazzling costumes, assisting with the decor, and all manner of other tasks throughout the preparation stages; Alive Technologies who provided the sound and lighting equipment and lovely, helpful technicians; Inspired by Love Photography and Peter Robey who took the superb photographs we've been able to share all year; and Hamish McGregor Videography who has provided us with a record of the show to look back on.

One year on ... and it's definitely time to wonder what the future might hold!

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