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Blues Dancing: Fusion or ...

What is blues dancing? Technically we would have to call it fusion. It traces its heritage through the forms, styles and attitudes of swing dancing and tends to be on show when the tempo drops down or the floor gets crowded! Blues also draws its influences from many other forms of partner and solo dance, and often these are as much due to the influences on blues music itself; latin, bebop, hiphop, rock, etc. Also a part of the fusion is the structure of the music itself, with the shift in accent from a swing groove to 12-bar blues. All these things, and more, are what go into the mix to create blues dancing.

Calling blues a fusion dance is more than a little uppity. Fusion is more suited to ballroom, while blues is far more low status. Blues is the mongrel of the dance world. It is the ridgeback cross labrador with more than a hint of staffy, or the shepherd cross kelpie. These dogs would never be allowed to enter any competition of breed for the very reason that they are incomparable, there is never two alike and there can be no standard against which they can be assessed. Every one of these mongrels is different, every time you step on to a dance floor something unique is waiting to be created.

But ask anyone who owns a so-called mongrel and they will be quick to tell you that, instead of a mongrel, they own a bitzer! A wonderful dog who has picked all the best bits of all the breeds that go in to making it. It is a known fact that bitzers are proven to be healthier and smarter, just ask someone who owns one! Blues dancing is this, picking up all the best parts of the dance forms that have influenced it.

So blues is no mongrel, but it is the best-in-show bitzer!

If you're interested tin learning blues dancing, join us at Sanctuary Blues

The Sepulchre

47 Davy Street, Hobart

Fridays preceding the first Sunday of the month



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