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Come and train with the Aviators!

When Moonshine Cabaret is done and dusted, the Aviators will be back at training, revising techniques and learning new steps and sequences. And this is an ideal time for us to open our rehearsals and invite you to join us by pledging to our Pozible Campaign to re-vamp The Sepulchre into a performance venue.

1920s Charleston - Tuesday, 7 November (6-7:30pm)

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to Charleston like a flapper, this is the perfect time! We’ll be going through basic shapes and improving our styling as a team, giving you the chance to skip the awkward stage and jump straight to the cat’s meow!

Image Credit: Inspired by Love Photography

Basic Partner Dancing - Tuesday, 14 November (6-7:30pm)

Although some of our crew are avid partner dancers, some do not have the same background or experience. We’ll be taking this opportunity to break down the elements that make dancing with a partner such an intriguing experience. An ideal session for performers to gain an understanding of this overlooked but much used form of dance.

Image Credit: Peter Robey

Dips and Tricks - Tuesday, 21 November (6-7:30pm)

Safety on the dancefloor is paramount - just as flashy moves are a must for performers! The Aviators’ own swing dance aerialist will be working through balance and weight placement for the exciting highlights that look so good.

Image Credit: Inspired by Love Photography

Hints of Burlesque - Tuesday, 28 November (6-7:30pm)

The Aviators’ repertoire does contain a few ‘burlesque-y’ numbers and we’re looking to expand this genre. If you’ve seen any of our performances, you’ll know we’re not about to get our kit off but we do like to embrace sultry. We’ll be developing our posture, movement, body awareness and smooth transitions - not to mention captivating gaze and bewitching attitude.

Image Credit: Inspired By Love Photography

Tell me how!

Visit our Pozible Campaign - Moonshine Cabaret at The Sepulchre and pledge $40 to join us for a 90 minute rehearsal. Pledges must be received before Monday, 14 August 2017.

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