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Gothic church to experience dramatic conversion!

And you, too, can be a part of the project to turn The Sepulchre a vibrant, boutique performance venue in the heart of Hobart.

We've entered the last week of our Pozible Campaign and if you've been thinking about supporting our endeavour to develop The Sepulchre into a functional performance space - please don't put it off any longer. We need your help to make this happen!

Image Credit: Moonlight Aviators

Yes, we are already improving the functionality of the venue, but without the funding raised from the Pozible Campaign we won't be able to install the lighting rig and sound system that are integral to The Sepulchre becoming an incredible performance venue. If you've only just joined us, we're crowdfunding to convert a gothic church into the amazing venue we see it being, not just for our cabaret, but also for other creative groups and individuals - choirs, theatrical groups, musicians, etc.- who might also be in need of a versatile space for expression.

​Image Credit: Eagle Eye Photography

Slowly, the venue is becoming less cavernous vault and more vibrant performance space - and you can help us make this happen! We're raising funds to further develop The Sepulchre, with the installation of: - a quality lighting rig and operating desk; - an appropriate sound system and mixing desk; - an extension to the existing stage; - various forms of audience seating; - a free-standing, fully-functioning bar. With heritage-listing inside and out, the plan is for these installations to be temporary or easily removable, enabling transition (or travel) to another space, if or when the need should arise.

​Image Credit: Eagle Eye Photography

If you've ever dreamed of finding an abandoned space and reinvigorating it with a new life and purpose, now's your chance to make a difference to the life of an iconic building and also make an impact on Hobart's arts community. Please help us help The Sepulchre launch itself into the twenty-first century and embrace a new congregation!

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