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Vintage photoshoot an absolute bargain!

We Aviatrixes have a little tradition before each gig, something that we’ve done since our very first performance - we meet up to help each other with hair and makeup, taking the time to bond during this pre-performance assemblage over snacks and bubbles.

And now we’d like to share that experience with you - snacks, bubbles, vintage hair and makeup - with a photoshoot at the end, courtesy of the amazing Dan Cripps!

Whether you want to treat yourself solo, or gather your besties to make a date of this pampering opportunity, we are happy to accommodate.

You can choose to bring an outfit of your own, or to rummage through the Aviators’ wardrobe to find the look you want. Or (just out!) out costumier is offering her ‘Bloomers, Blue’ collection of one-of-a-kind, soft lingerie sample garments - as seen at Hobart Fashion Festival 2015 and Pure Bride Boutique Fairs (Hobart & Launceston) 2017.

Image Credit: Aaron Spurr Photography

It’s not every day you have an opportunity like this! For only $150 pledged to the Moonshine Cabaret at The Sepulchre Pozible Campaign you can experience the glamorous side to being an Aviatrix! (Open to guys as well as dolls.) Photoshoot dates are Sunday, 27 August and Sunday 10 September.

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