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We're delighted to announce that The Sepulchre Soiree this Saturday, 12 August, will now include an OPEN STAGE! The stage extension will be operational (if not completely finished) by Saturday, and we'd like you to be able to experience performing in this amazing space for yourself.

It’s just like an Open Mic - except that a mic is not a necessary part of the performance!

We’re offering brackets of up to 15 minutes for local performers and will also be welcoming walk-ups. If you’re at all intrigued about what it might be like to work in this venue, would like to check out the acoustics or would like to show what you could do in the space, sign up now!

Whether you have something new you want to trial or just want to revise an oldie-but-a-goodie, we encourage you to join the line-up and be amongst the first performers to tread the boards of the new stage at The Sepulchre.

And that's not all! At 11pm, we’ll be handing the stage over to DJ Dane to crank the tunes and wrap up the night with toe-tapping dance tunes!

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