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Introducing a new Aviatrix

Late last year, as a bit of a challenge, we stepped outside the familiar and sent a couple of representatives to the Tasmanian Dance Festival's The Platform event.

Unsure what to expect from an event like this, our talent scouts watched with keen eyes, took notes, discussed the range of talent on display ... and kept their cards close. After much discussion and debate, an Aviator scholarship was created and offered to a performer who stood out for her on-stage presence and the breadth of her repertoire, as well as for her technique and execution. Now that she has formally accepted her wings, we would like to introduce you to our newest recruit ..

... Nakia Bates.

Nakia has already started training with the Aviators, and is fitting in like she was born for the role! And, making her Aviator Scholarship especially exciting, Nakia will also be part of Squeezebox Cabaret - our new show at the Spiegeltent Hobart in March this year - performing with our Aviatrixes and also in a new piece created especially for her.

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