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A Simply Magnificent Master of Ceremonies

As our last MC left us the most gorgeous shoes to fill, and we weren’t quite sure how best to follow her lead, we decided to change things up a bit. Instead of the cheekily charming Mistress of Ceremonies who strutted the stage for Moonshine Cabaret, Squeezebox Cabaret will have a suave and sophisticated Master of Ceremonies.

All we had to do was find a gentleman with the voice and the charisma to carry this new show.

Luckily, our marvellous Musical Director, Suze Quinn, was able to entice the ideal MC to join us - and we are thrilled to have such a stalwart of Hobart theatre so eager to take on the responsibility of threading our show together.

Chances are you have seen him in one of a multitude of local productions and, this March, the deliciously dishy Andrew Hickman will be schmoozing through the Spiegeltent as if he owns the joint.

Join us as we raise a glass ... to our master of the house!

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