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End of an Era

This week marks a massive milestone in the history of Moonlight Aviators, and so it was with mixed emotions of sadness and excitement that we said au revoir to Veronicka and Amanda - who have spread their wings and set off on an all new adventure to study acting together at Federation University in Ballarat.

Image: Gray Designs

With nearly seven years of Aviator active service under their belts, these two seasoned, totally-at-home-in-front-of-an-audience, run-with-anything performers leave a huge hole in our flight crew - and a wardrobe full of shoes to fill! But we are so tremendously proud, and so thrilled for them as they embark on this next stage of their performance careers.

Image: Inspired by Love Photography

As two of our original Aviatrixes - having been with us from the very beginning - Veronicka and Amanda have been a huge part of the development of Moonlight Aviators and have contributed significantly to our styling, our personality and our presentation. They’ve seen us through from our original ten-minute sets to our full-length cabaret shows - and wouldn't miss being a part of Squeezebox Cabaret for all the classes in a week of Uni!

Both of these girls are a part of our essence … and, no matter how high they fly, will always be valued members of our Flight Crew family.

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