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Auditions - the Next Big Step

Can you believe that, in our seven years of operation, we've only held one (very informal) audition before? But now the pressure is on! With the re-assignment of two of our longest serving members and a swathe of routines choreographed for all our Aviatrixes or for our full Flight Crew, we desperately need to find at least one new Aviator.

Image: Loic Le Guilly / Photographer

And so, the Aviator Audition!

Following the success of our recent recruitment we are tremendously hopeful for this audition.

We've been so lucky to have had two incredible dancers join us in the past year: Michael Laczko, former Australian Solo Charleston champion, has brought his fabulously fast feet and equally expressive face to the team and embraces the performance energy we require - with lashings of vigour.

Image: Loic Le Guilly / Photographer

Nakia Bates, the recipient of Moonlight Aviators' first ever scholarship, has applied herself to a whole new style of dance, adapting with ease to our Aviatorial ways - and simply shining on stage!

Image: Loic Le Guilly / Photographer

If you think you - or someone you know - has just what we're looking for, come and join us on Sunday, 7 April. Experience in vintage dance styles is helpful but not necessary and you just need to bring yourself and a pair of dance shoes to the audition.

Image: Loic Le Guilly / Photographer

More information and the link to our registration form can be found on our Aviator Audition page.

See you there!

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